The ‘Q’s of Content Marketing

Having read so many articles on ‘HOW’ marketers can revamp their content marketing strategy, I have hardly come across articles which emphasize on the ‘WHY’ factor. Did you ever ponder upon the fact that ‘WHY’ do you need a content marketing strategy?’ Is it because everyone in the industry is going for it or because you seriously want to create a better user experience?

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LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts

There are ample of benefits for an individual or an organization which depends on LinkedIn for professional networking just like an individual who would depend on Facebook for their personal networking.

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How To Use Twitter To Expand Your Business

Twitter is one of the simplest social media platforms to promote your brand online. It is suitable for both B2B and B2C businesses. Given below are certain rules which an organization should follow to have a successful Twitter marketing campaign.

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Twitter Do’s and Don’ts

No business is complete without having its own LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page. Businesses can enhance their social presence online using analytics, content and target strategy.

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