Corporate training

We offer onsite training programs on digital marketing for businesses.

Industrial Visit

Students will get a live experience under the management of our agency.

Foreign Exchange

We take in foreign exchange students so they can get an in-person experience of India’s booming sector.

Post-completion Certification

We provide certificates post completion of training/agency visit. This can add value to CVs.

The Social Mango believes that every individual has a skill that one can develop and work on. The world of marketing is moving rapidly and the students can’t just rely on classroom education. In order to prepare the students to be ready for the fast pace reality in the Marketing Industry, working on and experiencing live projects becomes crucial.  Thus, we as an active member of the marketing industry wish to contribute by making our ‘Agency Visit’ programme accessible to all. For corporates, we also offer topic specific training.

Our Agency visit/Industrial visit service includes a one/two day visit to our office wherein the students will be asked to work on a live project under the management of our agency. At the end of the session, the students will receive a certificate of attendance. Such Industrial exposure will prove to be good not only for educational purposes but also for future career development. With an aim to go beyond academics, a visit to our agency provides students a practical perspective on the world of marketing.

This is an even greater opportunity for foreign exchange students or students studying overseas who are willing to dwell into the marketing industry globally. This unique experience will not only broaden the minds of the next generation  marketers but will also give them a practical exposure of how to manage clients and their work better.

Hands on Experience

Practical & Live Exposure


Q&A Sessions


How long is the duration of the Visit?

The duration is minimum 1 day and can be extended as per your requirements with prior notice.

How many visitors are allowed?

Minimum batch of 5.

How many days prior should the booking be done?

The booking period varies for students residing in India or overseas. For accurate information please contact our team.

What educational background is preferred for the visit?

Although Educational background is not a criteria, students with marketing/management backgrounds will benefit from this industrial visit the most. For students belonging in the creative or technical background we have a different offering.

Do we issue formap certificates post completion?

Students will be given a certificate of attendance for successfully finishing their visit at the end of the session.

How can we contact you?

You can call us at +919920039345 or write to us at



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