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All of us have been in that situation where we are running late for our meeting and we cannot lose a single second. All dressed up for the meeting, we reach the parking and we realise that we don’t have our car keys. This is the moment – we cannot panic and we run to grab our car keys. Since, we were very clear with what our priority was; we took an immediate action. Similarly if an organization knows what they are lacking in, an immediate action must be taken and an industry expert must be consulted. Without wasting any more time, let’s read more about generating leads through social media.

What is a Lead?

“A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service in some way, shape, or form.”

(Source: Hubspot) 

What is Lead Generation?

“Lead Generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into those leads.”

(Source: Hubspot)

One of the worst strategies to generate leads is by choosing the wrong social channel. For any B2B/ B2C marketers, majority have generated leads through LinkedIn, followed by Facebook and Twitter.

Generate Quality Leads Using Social Media by following these Key Points:

  1. Content is the key:

Content forms the crux of Social Media Strategy and Lead Generation. How do we sell our services to our prospects without us letting them know that we are indirectly selling our products or services to them? Seems like an impossible task doesn’t it? This is why we have Content – A strategic marketing approach which attracts the targeted audiences and which indirectly generates leads. Content attracts audiences/ prospects by sharing the most suitable article, which is not only relevant to the target market but also is engaging, thus creating leads.

  1. Generating leads through Facebook:

Facebook keeps on changing its algorithm and because of this constant change in it’s algorithm it becomes difficult to obtain desired organic leads; which usually results in the company running Facebook ads to generate sufficient amount of leads. The positive part of running a Facebook Ad or a campaign is that it is budget friendly. The average CPC for a Facebook ad as compared to an AdWords is that it costs just $.80. Here are few tips:

  • Run Contests: Running well planned contests results sin getting qualified leads for email marketing. Tools such as Mailchimp, Hemingway or Scope can be used for email marketing.
  • Create an eye catching Facebook page: A Facebook page should not only stress on getting constant likes but also on getting constant user engagement. Because of the content that you share or the marketing approach that you opt for, your fans must always visit your page in regular intervals. This results in increase in direct traffic on to your websites.
  • Create a well-defined call-to-action button: The easier it is to hover around your Facebook page, the easier it will be for your prospects to visit your website.
  1. Generating leads through Twitter:

Using Twitter for Lead Generation? Is this possible, yes it definitely is. Generating leads through Twitter is a new concept; marketers are still exploring ways to fully utilize this platform to its maximum potential. Lead generation can be initiated through two ways: Organic reach and Paid ads. Here are few tips:

  • Create jaw dropping editorials and advertorials: Within a 140 character limit, try using crisp editorials which attract your TG to visit your Twitter page.
  • Use Twitter lead generation cards: You have four main options to promote your brand through Twitter Ads– website click or conversions, followers, awareness and tweet engagement. You will then be able to collect emails of the users interested through lead generation.
  • Use and track your hashtags and brand mentions: Use Twitter analytics and track the total number of followers based on their demography, interests and occupation.
  • Create polls and events: This will introduce users to your brand and bring traffic on to your website.
  1. Generating leads through LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the most opted B2B platform among all the social media platforms. LinkedIn is a professional networking website which is used by almost 90% of the companies globally. LinkedIn can be used to showcase the expertise of the services offered by the company or to promote themselves using it as a marketing platform. Thus making it most suitable for B2B Lead Generation. Here are few tips:

  • Be active: LinkedIn’s publishing platform is the perfect place for B2B companies to share mid-professional level industry related expertise as a thought leader through slideshare, posts, articles, case study and infographics. One can gain leads in the process.
  • Inbound Marketing: According to Hubspot, Inbound means “Instead of the old outbound marketing methods of buying ads, buying email lists, and praying forleads, inbound marketing focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product, where they naturally want to be.” Inbound Marketing through content marketing increases leads upto 55%.
  1. Generating leads through Instagram:

Instagram is not like other social media platforms with respect to creating leads online. Instagram is still in its early stages, and it has its own specialty, being only a picture/video app it does more than expected. Here are few tips:

  • Create compelling videos and images: Instagram is all about selling the products through visual marketing. It is through visual marketing that the leads will flow towards the website, many brands even put their website link in the bio to ease the process.
  • Maintain user interaction: Communication has to be both ways; any form of user interaction in the form of comments, likes, shares and hashtags must be not taken lightly. They eventually result in generating leads.
  • Use unique hashtags: Hashtag analysis forms a crucial part of lead generation. One can measure the potential reach of a hashtag and plan their social media lead generation strategy accordingly across all platforms.

Social media can be used both for branding and lead generation. According to marketers, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram will be the top 4 social media platforms which will provide the highest return on investments to companies in 2017 (Source: This means that Social Media is important than ever.

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