“Build it, and they will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.”Seth Godin 

The decade has come to an end and it’s clear that whether you are self-employed, a marketing professional or a business, Social Media plays a massive role in determining your success with the audience. 

It’s quite tricky to stay updated with every little news about social media marketing. Right when you think you have figured it all out, a new feature gets introduced. If you are looking to stay on top of your social media game in 2020, then this blog is for you. 

Here are the 15 things you should know about Social Media Marketing: 

  1. User-generated content:

User-generated content (UGC) is any content i.e text, videos, images, reviews, etc created by people, rather than brands. User-generated content is often considered as an indicator of the quality of the brand. Your audience is more likely to consider user-generated content as authentic compared to content created by the company. It provides your brand with credibility and has a positive influence on customers’ perception of the brand. For instance, women often rely on reviews from real people before they invest in any make-up brand. 

2. Visual Marketing:

Visual Marketing is about making an object the center of your message rather than plain text because humans are more attracted to visuals. The colors used, the placement of the logo, and the way the components are balanced together plays a vital role in how consumers engage with the information. One such great example would be Starbucks India’s Instagram account. You will observe how they have visually and skillfully placed their core products in their posts.

3. Well-built privacy policy:

In the previous decade, one of the major threats in the digital era was compromising your customer’s personal details. Customers will demand security if they are investing in your brand. Strong privacy and security policies will not only strengthen your customer’s faith but also build brand authenticity. 

4. Focus less on likes:

Instagram recently removed the like counts for limited users for beta-testing. This might eventually lead to complete discarding of the like counts. Likewise, place emphasis on being organic on other platforms as well. What this means is that focus less on quantity and more on quality and your goals will ultimately come through. You can take inspiration from Dove’s social media campaigns where they have majorly focused on their audience and not the outcome. 

5. Rise of Video Marketing:

Studies show that Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness through informative videos. (source: optinmaster). Videos are faster and more engaging than visual content, making it the most preferred type of social media content. It’s easily accessible, boosts conversion rate and encourages social shares. Thus, it might be a good idea to invest in video marketing in 2020. You can check how we do video marketing: http://bit.ly/36BezjV

6. Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR):

In 2020, we will see a rise in the popularity of AR & VR in social media marketing. Augmented Reality is enhancing real experiences with the help of digitally generated images and features while Virtual Reality implies creating a whole new virtual world from scratch. Let’s just say you have an optics brand. You can display Ads on social media with AR features which allows the viewers to try different frames and see which type suits them the most. By doing so, you can enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

7. CSR in Social Media:

People are becoming increasingly aware of their social responsibilities. Incorporating the same in your social media campaigns can help your brand to get on the good side of your followers. With a single hashtag brands can start an entire social movement. You can run extensive social media campaigns showcasing the ways you are trying to make the world a better place. Recently, Starbucks Korea has teamed up with global artists BTS to launch the “Be the Brightest Stars” campaign. A portion of profits from the campaign will go towards career and educational development programs for disadvantaged young people. Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7XjeErHRgu/

8. Rise of Niche Platforms:

Instagram & Facebook have been dominating social media as the most popular platforms. However, in recent times several niche platforms have slowly made their up and significantly risen to fame. A primary example would be TikTok – a video sharing site that has especially become popular with the Millenials.TikTok is the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store, with 33 million downloads in a single quarter. (Sensor Tower, 2019). 

9. Minimalist Advertising:

With social media platforms being increasingly crowded, customers are leaning towards creatives that go easy on their eyes. The trend of minimalistic ads began in late 2019 and will continue to become more popular in the new decade. Minimalistic advertising requires more effort to create the desired effects with limited elements. But, these types of ads surely stand out from the clustered creatives. For instance, check out this minimalist poster by McDonald’s.


10. Social Commerce:

Social Commerce promotes selling of products and services through social networking sites. Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest have been providing a platform for brands to sell their products directly. This has slowly become popular and will only get stronger in the new decade. It can increase your market and reach customers that were otherwise unattainable. 

11. Influencer Marketing will continue to skyrocket:

Influencer Marketing might not be a new trend but it is here to stay. With the number of influencers increasing, brands are ready to pay exorbitant amounts to gain access to their widespread audience. It’s faster and more effective compared to traditional social media ads. 

12. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become popular:

Artificial Intelligence can change the way marketers create and manage their social media platforms. There will be an exorbitant increase in the use of chatbots and virtual assistants. It is important for users to feel secure while interacting with you. Brands who use AI have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. This is definitely something that can help manage your social presence in the long run. 

13. Conversational Marketing:

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, it will become imperative for brands to strike a conversation with their audience. When consumers have a doubt, they want an immediate response. Conversational marketing encourages a one-to-one connection between the user and the marketer. Speaking of such one personal experience; while shopping on Nykaa- an online beauty store, the immediate responses from their virtual experts made me loyal to their brand. The ultimate aim is to upgrade the user experience and that eventually leads to lasting loyalty.  

14. Personalization will become primary:

It can be argued that brands can’t personalize their social media content for different market segments. But, they can apply personalization while curating social media ads. Social media has drastically advanced in providing targeting and customization options. Designing different sets of ads for different segments according to their preferences will ensure that your ads are shown to the right kind of people at the right time. 

15. Ephemeral Content:

Ephemeral content is the kind of content that is accessible for a brief period of time. One such example would be Instagram & Facebook stories. It is a marketing strategy that takes advantage of the user’s fear of missing out. This is also less time consuming which means less commitment for a user. 

Social Media is an ever evolving industry. The good thing is that none of these require you to start your social presence from the ground zero. Find out what’s working right for you, what isn’t and what trends you can further explore to make 2020 your year.

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