What makes us an expert in Lead Generation through Social Media?


Finding right prospects is never too easy. Here at The Social Mango, we believe in generating high-quality ‘Genuine Leads’ on the basis of your business requirement.

Our key objective is to help your business increase sales revenue by acquiring new clients. B2B Lead Generation not only increases the sales of your products or services, but also strengthens your brand image using Social and Digital channels. We help B2B organizations use social platforms (like LinkedIn and Twitter) to connect with their prospects and build online relationships. This eventually results in generating quality leads, which eventually results in lead conversion, new meetings and building efficient sales funnel.
Consultants, B2B Marketers, Salesperson, C-Suite Executives, Small Business and Large Business are the ones who majorly benefit using our B2B Lead Generation Services. For B2C businesses, we use Facebook in addition to LinkedIn and Twitter to generate quality leads.

Our Services Include:

  • Profile Writing Services (B2B/ B2C)
  • Profile Optimization as per TG
  • Lead Generation through LinkedIn/ Twitter for B2B
  • Professional Connection Building
  • Daily maintenance of accounts while generating leads
  • Monthly Lead Generation Plan
  • Lead Generation for Corporate and Professionals
  • A lot more


To know more about how we can help you generate leads on all digital/ online marketing platforms, get in touch at corporate@thesocialmango.com. If you are a corporate organization, small business owner or an individual who wants maximum exposure and reach on any social media channels, leave us an email right away.

What We Do?

  • Evaluate Your Requirements
  • Target Audience
  • Analyze Keywords
  • Generate Leads
  • Generate Interest & Engagement through Social
  • Content Optimization
  • Prospecting
  • Measure & Action
  • Maintain the Lead Quality
  • Build the Sales Pipeline
  • Convert Leads into Sales


Where We Do?
Social Media & Digital Marketing Platforms



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